Free printable Poplar Tree coloring pages for kids

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Poplar Coloring Pages is a section that contains images of a tree that can be found on the streets of almost any Russian city. Choose your favorite Poplar coloring pages and then download or print in A4 format.

Poplars grow quickly and are very unpretentious, so they are great for landscaping city streets and parks. These slender beauties with a lush green crown not only decorate the landscape, but also purify the air. To understand how this happens, you need to take a closer look at the poplar leaves. Smooth and shiny on one side, on the other they are covered with very fine hairs. It is on this pubescent side that dirt particles settle, and then, during the rain, they are washed off the leaves and, together with rainwater, go into the ground. Poplar also indicates the state of the environment. If there is a lot of dust and soot in the air, the tree begins to ache, the leaves grow worse, become covered with brown spots, and fall off. Poplar blooms early and by the end of spring the fruits ripen - small capsules, in which there are many seeds covered with soft light hairs. You can download or print coloring pages Poplar for kids on our website quickly and for free.