Vegetable coloring pages can help you during educational activities with children. With their help, you can memorize the names of vegetables, study colors, get acquainted with shapes and sizes. For the little ones, choose simple images without small details and with a clear outline. Ask what cucumber and tomato, onion and garlic, turnips and carrots taste like. Let the baby remember the taste sensations, and then color the picture. A black and white picture is an excellent material for the development of fine motor skills, speech and thinking of a child.

Free printable Vegetables coloring pages for kids


For older children, you can download or print vegetables coloring pages, drawn in more detail. Identifying the leaves and stems of plants is just as important as their fruits, roots. Color and compare zucchini and pumpkin leaves, turnips and beets. Pay attention to the variety of varieties. Talk about vitamins that are contained in a particular vegetable, about their benefits for humans. If a child does not like vegetables, it is possible that due to fun activities with coloring pages, his attitude towards them will change. To develop your imagination, download free images of "come to life" vegetables, with eyes, arms and legs. Let the child come up with stories, compose.