Free printable Squash coloring pages for kids

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Squash coloring pages take kids to the garden where a tasty and healthy vegetable grows. Download or print Squash coloring pages for your kids, which we offer absolutely free.

People have been growing and harvesting Squash for a very long time. According to scientists, this plant is more than five thousand years old. The homeland of the squash is Central America, but nowadays it is grown in almost all regions of the world. When the squash is in bloom, the bush is adorned with large yellow bell-shaped flowers. In their place, small elongated fruits then appear, which grow very quickly. A ripe vegetable is an oblong fruit. Skin color can be of all shades of green, as well as golden, bright yellow and light cream, almost white. The fruits hide in dense thickets of large leaves with patterned edges. Gardeners love them very much for their ease of growing and long shelf life. And Squash also contains a lot of nutrients. They are used to prepare salads, soups, vegetable side dishes. Some housewives even make marrow jam. You can download or print coloring pages Squash for kids on our website for free.